Website Promotion

Good website promotion can significantly increase the number of visits to your website and generate more enquiries as a result. If you don’t promote your site it’s not going to work for your business as effectively as it could. There are many options to get your website promoted however one of the best for small business sites is organic search engine marketing coupled with an Adwords campaign.

Search Engine Marketing

This is all about using the power of search engines to connect internet users with your website. If your site is built so that search engines can understand what your site is about you’ll have a much better chance at connecting with your target audience. If a search engine knows what your site is about, it can more easily match your site to a user query.

Search engine marketing requires an initial assessment of your web site to make sure the content and design are search engine friendly. Research to find out which search terms people are using to find sites like yours is then used to adjust to your sites visible and hidden attributes to target those search terms (search engine optimisation).

Search engine marketing is generally not a ‘quick fix’. This type of website promotion is in fact a long term strategy to carefully build the profile of your site over time. This can be well worth any fee’s that may be necessary to get your site ready for highly targeted promotion in search engines and directories.

FURTHER INFO: Check out the Search Engine Marketing Guide for a really good non-commercial tutorial on search engine marketing. Read this article about Search Engines and Search Engine Marketing.

Other easy options for website promotion:

Promote Your Site by Word Of Mouth

Tell everyone about your website! Make sure your staff tell everyone! Make sure that there’s something useful and interesting on your site that will make it worth the visit. Leveraging the power of your existing clients is the best free promotion you will ever find and a website makes it much easier for your existing customers to refer your services to friends and colleagues. No more business cards wasted – all it takes is one sentence: ‘Just check out their website’.

Include Your Web Address On Business Stationery

All of your business documents have the potential to advertise your site. Your letterhead, busness cards, with compliments slips, invoices, product labels – everything – they can all include your web address so that people will know about your site.

Mention Your Website In Print Advertising

Many small business owners choose to advertise in local papers, industry magazines and the Yellow Pages. If these ads include your web address your potential new customers can find out about your business and make enquiries 24/7. Another advantage of this is the ability to measure the success of any particualr ad via your website statistics.

Social Media

Use social media to promote your website across Facebook, Twitter, you Tube and LinkedIn