The Amazing Unsubscribe Rule

Email can be the worst and it can be the best.  Which of those you experience comes down to how you manage your email.  One of my top tips for fighting spam is to use rules.  Set up a rule so that anything with the word “unsubscribe” in the “body text” is sent to a special folder in your inbox. You can then just quickly review for anything you actually want and mass delete the rest (or before delete, set up rules to delete when it comes in next time – eventually you get none).

Never click the unsubscribe button on an email that you don’t remember subscribing to as it’s likely just spam and this just waves a big flag saying “We got a live one! Add them to all the other lists too!”

You can find out how to make a rule by searching something like “How to make a rule in Outlook 2016” (but for whatever your mail software is) and choosing “video” results like I did here to find this one:

To make a new folder in your Inbox (if you don’t already have a gazillion of these like me), just right-click over your inbox (the word) and there’s usually a “new folder” option.

And finally don’t forget that chasing email is not really the job most of us signed up for so remember to prioritise your time and keep email to a minimum.  Checking at set times each day works well for me and allows me the time I need to focus on the tasks that deliver value for my clients.