Reflection is the game changer

I’m addicted to business books, podcasts and vlogs.  I’m constantly reading, watching, listening to others.  I’m starting to ask myself why I am constantly doing this because sometimes it’s a distraction from the things I SHOULD be doing.  Well, it’s OK.  I find it entertaining, so there’s that aspect.  Business.  It’s a topic I love and there is something to be said for just exposing yourself to new ideas.  But, if you don’t actually do anything with the information it’s just entertainment, am I right?

Last week I listened to some Gary Vaynerchuck (via Instagram) and he was talking about this very topic.  If you haven’t heard of Gary V check out his content.  I think of him as the “fight club” for business motivation.  He says every day he’s just repeating the same message in a million different ways.  But he believes that’s what people need.  Today might be the right time, the right place, the right frame of mind that means his message actually sinks in and causes somebody to take action.

And that action is what makes the difference. We know it.

So, yes.  Read widely, research, expose yourself to new ideas and look for those gems of experience in what others share.  But, at the end of the day remember that if you don’t reflect on their wisdom then measure it for value against your own situation and take action –  it’s might just be procrastination.

I’m starting my week with action by incorporating reflection into my business process.

Check out Gary Vaynerchuck too.