The Day I Met Gary Vaynerchuk in Brisbane – Part 2, Adam Hudson

Adam Hudson Success Squared Brisbane

Adam Hudson from Reliable Education was a cheeky entertainer up there on the stage at Success Squared in Brisbane.  He was straight talking the whole time and delivered value in terms of mindset and strategy for success.  His was the first of the three talks that had an ‘offer’ at the end.  My brief notes are below, but even more valuable than this was his live Instagrammed response to a couple of messages I’d sent him post event around the idea of the ‘hard sell’.  It was very cool to see that a) he responded to my message very quickly and b) he went even further with some extra detail in his live recording that day.  Value.  My head has been buzzing since the event trying to work it all out.  The experience vs the expectation made me feel a little uncomfortable.  However, there was a lot I didn’t know about the business model of speaking events, the costs, the reason for the structure.  He filled me in.  Like Tony Nash said, you have to ask the questions.  If I hadn’t messaged him he wouldn’t have made that live response.  I’m sure I’m not the only one who got value from that.

These are my notes from his talk about selling on Amazon:

  • Be smarter than the average seller – education.
  • The human piece matters.  Customer needs, unboxing etc.
  • Sell whats in demand, don’t be a pioneer.
  • Remember the GAS factor (sell things people give a shit about) – emotional investment.
  • Find a limited choice market that’s not served well.
  • Get drunk, have fun, don’t be in the middle. Be unique.  Have an opinion.
  • Visually differentiate.
  • Buy your competitors products and evaluate the entire experience to see where you can improve.
  • Be patient, build a fire.

And after the event:

Don’t be like everyone else regurgitating.  Know your audience, find your true voice and do what works for you because what works for Gary Vee works for Gary Vee.  It might not be right for you.

He unpacked the structure of the talk he gave in detail with examples.

And in summary he said if you’re not already successful doing whatever you do it’s because…

  • You’re not evolved enough yet or
  • Your product is shit or
  • Your marketing is shit.

Love it.  I can see those who signed up for his course are in for a some seriously good mentoring.