It’s easy to ignore marketing when the phone is still ringing but is is smart?

Not paying attention to digital is not ideal if you’re a small business owner but for whatever reason, it happens.  There are many owners of established service businesses in particular,  who have happily grown over time through word of mouth and newspaper or Yellow Page advertising (remember that!?), or, they have invested in a website many years ago and then done nothing since.  With a well established client base there is no immediate need to ‘go digital’ or put too much energy into your website because your business is well established.  It’s easy to let marketing fall to the side when your phone is still ringing.  We all know someone in this situation I’m sure.

But as a business owner you will increasingly face competition from newcomers who understand how to leverage digital to communicate.  Your competition is changing and before you know it, so are your customers requirements. Business will be getting a bit ‘quiet’.  Fairly common scenario even in 2018 to find a business that has not yet embraced ‘digital business’.

Marketing is key to growth.  It allows you to reach more people.  When you are out and about today I want you to look around and notice what everyone is doing.  You got it!  Looking down.  At their phones.  The moment anyone has downtime these days it’s straight to the phone.  All hours of the day you will reach people via their mobile phones.  This is the world and it’s not going to change.  If your business is not yet embracing digital then you might be missing some opportunities for growth or worse your business might be slowly declining.  If you rely purely on repeat business this does eventually diminish over time.

Food for thought.  What action will you take?

If you are considering a new website or a website redesign then we would love to talk to you or meet face-to-face to bring you up-to-speed with what’s possible.