Characteristics of well built website for SEO

So what exactly is a well built website and how do you know if yours fits the bill? My clients will have often heard me talking about a ‘well built website’ as a critical step in gaining visibility online.  A quick review of your website will show whether your digital asset has what it takes.  As a website owner you will have control over the following which are the first places we look when taking on the redevelopment or management of a new website.

First of all, take a look at your link structure.  Your top level navigation and the way the pages on your website are linked together is important.  This is called your site architecture.  Links deliver signals of importance so the structure of this is useful when you are trying to tell Google what’s important.

Content that matches the search phrases you are targeting needs to be on the page.  Whilst we are slowly moving towards voice search,  text is still the key input for search engines.  We want to see content that is structured with appropriately coded headings, paragraphs and link text.

Page titles and descriptions immediately tell us if the site owner is using best practice for SEO.  These off-the-page items on your website deliver key information to Google and need to be crafted in a way that satisfies the needs of the person viewing search results.

These three aspects if handled correctly will make a difference.  If you decide to engage with an SEO company whether it be for advertising, website optimisation or social campaigns, having a well built website lowers costs and ensures you get the attention you deserve.